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WWE discussing two-night NXT TakeOver before WrestleMania

PWInsider is reporting that WWE is mulling over a decision on holding a two-night NXT TakeOver on the Wednesday and Thursday prior to this year's WrestleMania.

If the plan comes to be, that would give WWE six straight days of programming between Wednesday and Monday with two nights of NXT, SmackDown, two nights of WrestleMania and Raw.

The PWInsider report said the first night of TakeOver would be on USA, its final one on Wednesday night, with the second night available on the WWE Network. At that point, it's believed the Network will be available on the Peacock streaming service.

That would leave the Hall of Fame ceremony in question with Dave Meltzer speculating they could hold it on the Tuesday before or the Tuesday afterward -- assuming they are still planning on having it this year.

From this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

"It’s also notable that at this point, nothing has been said at all regarding the Hall of Fame. Usually at this point, most members would have been announced. We do know that the families of last year’s inductees were told it would take place virtually this year over Mania week. But things are always changing."