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Alberto el Patron cancels two German dates reportedly due to transportation disagreement

Alberto El Patron

According to one of the promotions that booked him, former WWE Champion and current AAA Mega Champion Alberto El Patron has backed out of two European bookings this weekend due to a disagreement about the type of flight he was booked on.

El Patron and brother El Hijo de Dos Caras were scheduled to appear on Friday for Swiss Wrestling Entertainment (SWE) in Bern, Germany, and on Saturday for Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) in Mannheim, Germany. According to a post on wXW's website (translated by reader Markus Gronemann), El Patron backed out with six days notice because the promotion had him booked in the Economy Plus class when he wanted to fly Business Class instead. wXw's and SWE's promoters said the cost would be $7000 USD to make the change on short notice and refused. This is the second time El Patron has backed out of an wXw booking on short notice, the last time in December 2014. 

wXW stated in their post that they will no longer book El Patron.