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Season 2 of Viceland's 'Dark Side of the Ring' debuting in late-March

The second season of Viceland's 'Dark Side of The Ring' docuseries focusing on some of the seedier and infamous stories throughout the history of pro wrestling is going to return in late-March.

The news was first reported by PWInsider and confirmed independently with sources close to the show. There is no exact date for the season kickoff as of this point.

While season one featured six episodes, season two will be ten episodes with nine subjects meaning one will be two hours instead of their customary one. Some of the topics confirmed include:

  • The Chris Benoit story (expected to be the two hour focus)(
  • Brawl For All
  • The life and times of Dino Bravo
  • New Jack
  • Herb Abrams, founder of the UWF
  • The life and times of Owen Hart

The season two renewal was announced last summer as the series did very well for the Viceland channel, setting their record for the highest viewed premiere in their three year history. 

Season one featured the Montreal Screwjob, the bizarre relationship between Randy Savage and Elizabeth, the Fabulous Moolah, the life and times of Bruiser Brody, the life and times of Gino Hernandez, and the legacy and tragedy of the Von Erich family.

Here is my 2019 interview with series co-creator and producer Evan Husney about the creation of the series.