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Zelina Vega/Thea Trinidad signs undisclosed short-term deal

Image: WWE

The former Zelina Vega in WWE is off the free agent market for now, according to Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

When talking about possibilities for the recently released Andrade, Meltzer said "the obvious choice" would be to pair him up once again with Vega, aka Thea Trinidad. However, Meltzer said that can't happen for now.

"Trinidad has signed a deal. We don’t know with who or even that if it’s with a wrestling promotion, but the deal she signed would not allow her to work for another wrestling company and it was not with AEW. It was a somewhat short-term thing and the door wasn’t shut on her eventually working with AEW but it won’t be any time imminently," he wrote.

The 30-year-old was released by WWE in November following issues regarding their policies about individual deals with third parties like Twitch where she has a popular, revenue generating channel.

On an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio prior to AEW Revolution, Tony Khan said he was very interested in talking with Trinidad and wasn't aware at the time that her 90-day non-compete clause was up.