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F4D: Lance Storm on wrestling injuries and current WWE storylines


Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez is back today with special guest Lance Storm to talk a ton of different topics including Hiromu Takahashi and injuries in wrestling, the idea of banning certain moves, Lance's own injury that took place in training recently, the positives and negatives of the Bobby Lashley vs. Roman Reigns feud, making NXT the third brand instead of just being developmental, Asuka vs. James Ellsworth and why Lance doesn't think it works, some thoughts on Retro Raw and Retro Nitro and why certain things worked back then and tons more! A fun show as always so check it out~!


1:20 - 10:11: Hiromu Takahashi/Dangerous bumps in wrestling
10:11 - 16:10: Lance’s recent injury
16:10 - 23:22: Roman Reigns/Bobby Lashley
23:22 - 31:28: The argument to make NXT a third brand 
31:28 - 38:17: Asuka/James Ellsworth
38:17 - 46:52: Retro Nitro and Raw
46:52 - end: Plugs

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