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F4D: Take Two


Filthy Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez and Filthy Tom Lawlor is back today with tons to talk about including Smackdown from Tuesday night, which was a long time ago and apparently quite forgettable, Royal Rumble 2015, the most horrific Rumble of all time, the CHOPPING BLOCK chops its way through the LAND OF CHOPPORTUNITY, and more! A fun show as always so check it out~!

SmackDown is first up on the docket, featuring a main event segment where Shane McMahon was destroyed by Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. We also had Rusev vs. AJ Styles, the Bludgeon Brothers bludgeoning, Asuka and Charlotte, plus more.

This week’s Royal Rumble is from 2015. It was the infamous show where the crowd revolted after Daniel Bryan was eliminated from the match, and also started Roman Reigns’ long road of struggling to get over with the fans. It also included the return of Bubba Ray Dudley, a lot of nobodies, DDP and a finale featuring the Rock being booed out of the building.

Choppin’ Block for this week chops a big name from SmackDown this week.


Start - 24:35: SmackDown

24:35 - 45:52: Royal Rumble 2015

45:52 - 49:36: Choppin’ Block

49:36 - end: Plugs

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