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The Figure Four Online top 50 podcast moments from 2021 shows have arrived. Hear some of the best clips from the past year's Wrestling Observer Radio, Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan & Vinny, Filthy Four Daily and plenty more.

In this second installment, hear moments 19 through 36 as voted by our listeners. Thanks to subscriber Philippe Perez for putting this together as he does every year.

36. Volume control/Chris Jericho vs. Jobbers/Who was in the match, Granny?
35. Von Wagner's forehead
34. Bryan’s beard of pubes and Dave’s moustache
33. Van Hammer, Chip and Dale vs. The Midnight Horsemen
32. The Mountain Dew Zero Sugar Major Melon song contest
31. Bad Dude Tito catches an armed robber
30. Stuff your pants with beef
29. A Peter Avalon t-shirt/Dave in Costco
28. The 1991 gun incident at a bowling alley (ft. Walter Sobchak)
27. John in Memphis unloads on bryan
26. I'm pissing
25. Bryan and Dave's net worth/Dave married a lacrosse coach
24. Charlotte & Becky
23. Cromulent
22. Dogs don't speak english
21. Tom's big surprise (Umbrella Carmella)
20. Survivor Series rants
19. Shitfaced Vinny watches Impact

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