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The Figure Four Online top 50 podcast moments from 2021 shows have arrived. Hear some of the best clips from the past year's Wrestling Observer Radio, Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan & Vinny, Filthy Four Daily and plenty more.

In this second installment, hear moments 1 through 18 as voted by our listeners. Thanks to subscriber Philippe Perez for putting this together as he does every year.

18. The Miz is the WWE champion In 2021 (Bryan's Vince impression)

17. Emmanuelle/Chris Walla gets mauled by a dog/Cujo/Daniel Bryan humping Otis

16. Dan Rodimer's election ad

15. Do you know how many fu-

14. Alexa's GEWWW

13. Semp Sez: punch fans in the face

12. The rules for Chucky/Bryan vs. Animatronics

11. Tom & Necro

10. Promo Code: THATBITCH

9. Penal System (I used to have a cock)

8. But I'm talkin' about "Warrior"

7. Oreohausen

6. Bryan's spelling bee and Dave's times tables

5. How Bryan helped Kanyon settle a bet

4. Fat Bryan

3. Karl goes in on F4W/Forgot About K

2. Granny says a naughty word (or not?)

1. The Mummy noise

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