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NXT TakeOver London 12-10 conference call: Triple H on Finn Balor, Sami Zayn


On Thursday, WWE COO Triple H did his usual conference call before big NXT events, this time hyping up the Wednesday, December 16th WWE Network event from London, England.

Here's some highlights and the audio itself which ran just under 40 minutes:

- He ran down the card and teased some impending announcements. 

- He was asked about pushing emotion on the NXT brand as opposed to a lack of that in promos on the major brand. He made a reference to 'some like chocolate, some like vanilla' as he's done before and said when it comes to NXT, he picks the flavor.

- He was asked about three-hour shows. He said the company has to be more creative, come up with a better format, and that they hear people's frustrations. "It's fixing it, trying to fix it, and it is what it is. We'll get me."

- He was asked about Finn Balor not being called up to the main roster despite there being an injury crisis. He essentially said that while he has experience in Japan, he's still learning some things at NXT like promos, etc. He doesn't want to call guys up to be Band-Aids when there are injury issues. He wants people to have a long-term plan in place for when they come up.

- He was asked about relationships with groups like Evolve and the possibility of opening up relationships with emerging UK groups (ones that our Alan Boon talks about weekly!) to find new talent.

- He was asked about implementing some of the ideas that begin in NXT making their way to WWE. He said that slowly, you see some things bubbling their way up but again referenced the chocolate/vanilla comparison. As far as things he'd like to see change, he mentioned how the women are characterized, but that things take time to change.


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