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Left My Wallet: Glacier on football, the UWFI days, and Atlanta sports


“I Left My Wallet” is back with former WCW star, Ray "Glacier" Lloyd.

Join us as we talk about his days playing college football with Atlanta Falcons great Jessie Tuggle, watching the Atlanta Braves and Falcons growing up, the Falcons and Braves teams of the 90s, his thoughts on the current Atlanta sports scene, and his friendship with Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher.

We also talk about his time in UWFI, working with the Great Muta when he first got into the business, and what he is up to now, both in and out of the wrestling ring. 

Ray is also a longtime PE/health teacher, and being one myself, we found a lot of common ground to talk about. Blood may have run cold back in 1996, but Glacier is one of the warmest, kindest individuals you’ll meet. Check out an uplifting and informative chat with one of the notable names from the Monday Night Wars era.

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