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JNPO 100: The post-UFC/ESPN TV deal supershow


Nearly three years to the day after it started, the 100th edition of Josh Nason's Punch-Out is here, just in time to discuss the big news that UFC is heading to ESPN.

Helping me talk through all the major questions, answers, and thoughts on the deal are three fine gentlemen: Post Wrestling's John Pollock, Awful Announcing managing editor Joe Lucia, and Awful Announcing sports media writer Andrew Bucholtz.

- John kicks off the show and we discussed both the UFC and rumored WWE TV deals and why I think it shows that ultimately, the opinions of the fanbases no longer matter. We also hit on Ariel Helwani departing to ESPN, how MMA Fighting can recover, his thoughts on Mauro Ranallo's documentary, and John's experience with Post Wresting nearly six months after it launched.

- We then go to old friend Andrew for a more business-minded discussion of the UFC/ESPN deal with all the financial fixings.

- We close out with first-time guest Joe as we work through his five questions he wants answered now that the ink is dry on the UFC/ESPN deal.

We have had a lot of great conversation and guests over the past three years, so I'm happy to present the 100th edition of the show with more of it. Thank you for the support!

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