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JNPO: A different take on WWE & AEW TV rights, ratings & demos

Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post drops by to talk about the business of pro wrestling.
WWE crowd

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With wrestling ratings and TV rights talk basically a daily occurence 'round these parts, I have wanted to get a different take on the subject from someone outside the wrestling media bubble that still understands the product but doesn't have a lean one way or another.

I found one.

On this week's Punch-Out, I talk to New York Post sports media & entertainment reporter and wrestling fan Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan and I talked for 30 minutes about what his wrestling intake is like and how he has viewed the current landscape of both WWE and AEW through his reporting lens.

We talk about whether ratings or demos matter to advertisers and networks, if he thinks WWE will sell the company, if AEW needs more suitors and how streaming services may get involved.

Join us for this free and fascinating conversation from someone outside our intense wrestling media bubble.

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