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JNPO: Ant Evans on life after UFC, his Bisping book, new projects


Ant Evans spent twelve years with the UFC, starting with a lead role in expanding the brand in the UK, EMEA, and Australia then moving on to be director of media relations for the global brand and wrapping up with a stint on the editorial side of the business with another key role in the early days of UFC Fight Pass.

He doesn't do a lot of interviews which is why I was more than happy to get him for a one-hour chat on this week's Josh Nason's Punch-Out.

Evans is also the co-writer of 'Quitters Never Win', the autobiography he co-wrote with Michael Bisping that is available for presale in the U.S. as well as the founder of Ultimate Insider on Substack, a free newsletter where he tells stories from the past along with features on fighters he admires. 

We talk about his days with the UFC and the game of trying to educate sportswriters and editors to cover a sport they didn't know much about, and what he had to push back on. We cover why he launched a blog on Substack, why he didn't get into the tell-all business, his work on the Bisping book, and a slew of stories anyone into the business side of the UFC will like to hear. 

Note that the audio quality fades a bit at times with some answers as the Skype connection wasn't the best. However, what you'll hear is well worth the listen.

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