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JNPO: Bellator hearts Showtime, Gina Carano uproar, UFC antitrust news


Bellator had a surprise for the MMA world Tuesday with the announcement of their move to Showtime, their second network change in six months.

I had some questions about how the whole thing went down and how they can recapture some attention when things kick off in April. Helping me dissect and speculate is John Nash of Bloody Elbow, a new member of the Three Time Club.

Of course, that wasn't all that happened this week.

After a quick discussion regarding the national anthem controversy in the U.S., we jump into the Bellator/Showtime news, how this is a potential play for new subscribers based on the Bellator audience, and how Bellator can try to get some of that Strikeforce magic once again.

We also talk about former MMA star Gina Carano's strange week and losing her Star Wars universe/Disney+ gig based on Instagram posts. (Note: this was recorded before her announcement Friday of writing, producing and starring in a movie for The Daily Wire.)

We wrap up with a chat about the latest in the UFC antitrust lawsuit and what lies ahead that could change the UFC's business forever. 

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