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JNPO: Bleacher Report's Chad Dundas on 'Champion Of The World', UFC news


Bleacher Report's Chad Dundas is the guest on this week's Josh Nason's Punch-Out, talking about a myriad of topics ideal for a non-UFC event week.

A few of the alleys Josh and Chad went down include:

- Leftover thoughts on UFC 198 including Fabricio Werdum's overuse of his funny face, Stipe Miocic riding for Cleveland, and Lady Cyborg

- The stunning story of how he met Ben Fowlkes, his partner on the Co-Main Event Podcast

- How living in Montana has affected his MMA coverage

- Thoughts on Michael Bisping getting a title opportunity against Luke Rockhold and why the haters need to chill out

- Discussion about his wrestling themed novel "Champion Of The World" and what inspired him to write it

As usual, we get geeky about the process of writing and other media matters. It's another solid hour of JNPO, so get your weekend kicked off

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