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JNPO: CBS Sports' Denny Burkholder on Randy, Ronda, and Ricochet


After a near three-year absence, CBS Sports' Denny Burkholder returns to the JNPO airwaves with a whole slate of things to talk about, including:

  • The background of Denny's recent SummerSlam feature on Randy Savage
  • A story he heard from Ted DiBiase about a double-shot day that illustrates how talented Savage was
  • His interesting voicemail from Jesse Ventura about contributing to the piece
  • Is Adam Cole a can't miss star?
  • What's up with Ricochet matches?
  • That weird Ronda Rousey title win including the talking and the war paint
  • The whole Braun Strowman non-MiTB cash in
  • Book talk!

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