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JNPO: Chad Dundas on 'The Territories,' UFC's gradual evolution

The author talks about his new pro wrestling fiction project, UFC, and more.
The Territories

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Author and Co-Main Event Podcast co-chair Chad Dundas returns to Josh Nason's Punch-Out for the third time to talk his new project, The Territories, available on IndieGogo now.

Chad talks about how this work of pro wrestling fiction featuring himself and other writers came together, how prospective readers can get the book, and how they can read the "bible" of this fictional universe and two chapters from his contribution for free.

We also talk about when Chad and friends co-promoted an indie show with DEFY Wrestling in Missoula, Montana, the decision-making process going into it, and if they are going to do it again.

We then flip to the MMA side of the coin and get Chad's thoughts on a conversation Territories' contributor Jonathan Snowden and I had last month about how we're losing touch with UFC. Chad gives his own thoughts on how much the business has changed in just a few years.

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