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JNPO: Christian Casanova is ready for his big moment


Image: Harry Aaron/Christian Casanova

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For the first time since July, Josh Nason's Punch-Out has returned and with good reason: an interview with someone I think is going to be a name wrestling fans will become very familiar with soon: Christian Casanova.

The Massachusetts native has already made a name for himself working for Northeast Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, GCW, and Limitless Wrestling against the likes of August Grey, ACH, Flip Gordon, Myron Reed, and more. To me and others, he is on the doorstep of getting a big opportunity to impress larger audiences. It's only a matter of time and the right opportunity.

In this 30 minute talk, we discuss his background, the decision making process when presented with those big opportunities, what he's learned during the pandemic and the year that has been 2020, and plenty more.

After the interview, I address the dastardly Rocky Romero's highly inflammatory comments toward me on Tuesday's Wrestling Observer Live.

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