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JNPO Classic: How a local MMA fighter learned to promote himself


As part of my continuing deep dive into the WGAM MMA Show archives, we head back to June 16, 2011 -- a show where yours truly and co-host/producer P.J. Huot learned a few key lessons.

If you're new here, the WGAM MMA Show was a weekly ESPN NH radio show I did for nearly a year in 2011-12 featuring talk and interviews from around the MMA landscape. The show would eventually come to an abrupt end, but we'll eventually get to that story.

On this edition of the show:

- A full recap of UFC 131 and a look at how the Vancouver police had to deal with a UFC crowd vs. an NHL crowd 

- We discussed some MMA and NHL tie-ins including my Fight Magazine interview with Boston Bruins' goalie Tim Thomas

- We did an interesting interview with regional MMA fighter Noah Weisman who was set fo face Dan Lauzon at a local event. Noah went into details about how he had to learn about promoting himself, looking for sponsors, and more.

- I then did my best sales pitch to PJ on watching the Strikeforce Grand Prix featuring heavyweight prospect Daniel Cormier.

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