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JNPO: Conor, Nate, bottles & UFC 202 with MMA Payout's Jason Cruz


Image: Zuffa/Getty

After a few weeks searching Parts Unknown and finding some stranger things, site editor and writer Josh Nason is back with the latest edition of Josh Nason's Punch-Out with the topic of UFC 202 on the table.

Joining Josh on this journey is longtime MMA business writer for MMA Payout, Jason Cruz!

On this hour-long edition of the show, Josh and Jason hit up a slew of topics including:

- Jason's legal background and how he found his way to Payout

- The UFC 202 press conference madness that happened Wednesday and the ramifications for both guys

- Whether that made Jason more interested in the fight or not

- The stakes for both Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz with a win or loss

- Other 202 fights the guys are interested in

- Thoughts on part 1 of the CM Punk documentary series

- Thoughts on the recent new pro-union group and how it affects the other groups

- And much more!

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