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JNPO: Dr. Keith Lipinski on AEW drama, All Out experience, state of AAW

The longtime podcast host talks about all the happenings in Chicago.

With all the drama surrounding this past weekend's events in Chicago (including Bryan Alvarez going down in defeat), there's no better time to welcome Windy City resident, AAW executive vice president and former Dr. Keith Presents host Dr. Keith Lipinski to Josh Nason's Punch-Out.

On his maiden voyage, the good doctor and I hit on the following:

  • Thoughts on all the unfolding drama stemming from the backstage incident with CM Punk, the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Ace Steel
  • The role Tony Khan has to take moving forward 
  • Whether Keith has ever seen Steel bite someone!
  • Keith's thoughts on the All Out show including the length of the show and some of his favorite matches
  • A deep dive into Chicago's AAW where he is involved with creative and the talent
  • How does AAW compete and survive in a big market with other promotions?
  • The budgetary and creative balancing act of bringing name value wrestlers mixed with local talent

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