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JNPO: FITE co-founder Michael Weber on GCW streaming deal, future of FITE+, AEW

The FITE co-founder also talks about his time working for WWE, WCW and TNA.

One of the big news stories this week in pro wrestling was GCW, Wrestling Revolver and Black Label Pro getting out of the pay-per-view business and moving both live events and their content libraries to FITE+.

While we initially heard from GCW owner Brett Lauderdale, I wanted to hear about the decision from FITE's perspective. 

Enter company co-founder & chief operating officer Michael Weber.

Michael and I talked for 30+ minutes about the future of FITE+ and the decision to bulk up the streaming service including why GCW was such a key component of it. Mike also reveals how many shows GCW plans on running per year as part of the deal.

We talk about the financial importance of AEW+ on FITE for an international audience.

He also dishes about his wrestling front office triple crown past, working for WWE, WCW and TNA (with an ROH consulting stint added in for good measure).

We also talk about the PPV business and some of the barriers to concerts becoming a big part of the equation.

This was a fun conversation that wrestling business aficionados will love.

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