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JNPO:'s Jeremy Botter reveals new details on UFC sale


On the newest Josh Nason's Punch-Out, we dive deep into the big news of the week: the sale of the UFC. And who better to help us wade through the murky waters than one of the captains of the story: managing editor Jeremy Botter!

Botter helped break the news on this story, standing by sources that tell him the UFC has indeed been sold to a group led by WME-IMG, headed by Ari Emanuel.

Some of the details the guys talked about:

- What happened at the recent infamous dinner meeting that made the bidding process moot

- What happened at the UFC offices on Wednesday

- What the UFC told him and what influences helped him navigate the waters

- Who this group is and when they came together

- Why this group wanted to buy the UFC

- When the announcement could be made

- And much more!

Enjoy this 30-minute conversation about one of the hottest topics in MMA right now by clicking below:

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