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JNPO: In focus with combat sports storyteller Esther Lin



For the 75th edition of Josh Nason's Punch-Out, I knew I wanted someone notable in the MMA business. Luckily, my guest returned my text when I asked.

Esteemed photographer and storyteller Esther Lin of and Showtime Sports joined Josh Nason's Punch-Out for nearly an hour this week, talking about a wide variety of subjects.

On the docket:

- A little bit of Game Of Thrones

- Her experiences on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor promotional tour including the story of her Spider-Man act during McGregor's recent press event

- What has stood out to her the most on this tour

- The night she was kicked out of UFC 199 as part of the 'MMA Fighting Three'

- Her experiences shooting the NJPW weekend in Long Beach, CA

- The experience of contributing to a roundtable featuring other gay and bixsexual media members

- Whether people sharing her images without accreditation bothers her

- How she got into shooting MMA and pictures in general

- Her role with MMAFighting and how you've probably seen more of her work than you think

- A blow-by-blow of her typical fight week...and more.

Click below to listen:

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