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JNPO: Grading Hangman Page's AEW title run, Rampage announcement botch

Josh & guest Jesse Collings also discuss whether Cody Rhodes should have wrestled at WWE Hell in a Cell.
Hangman Page

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On this week's Josh Nason's Punch-Out, we talk three topics that caught my interest this past week for three different reasons.

Joining me is returning guest Jesse Collings, columnist for Wrestling Inc. and Voices of Wrestling and co-host of the Gentlemen’s Wrestling Podcast.

We kick off with the buzzworthy Hell in a Cell match from Sunday that saw Cody Rhodes wrestle with a torn pectoral muscle. Should he have or should we not worry about this stuff?

From there, I air my confusions and frustrations with the botched announcement and situation from last Friday's AEW Rampage that saw CM Punk announce he was injured but without much clarity, Chris Jericho say he relinquished the title when he didn't (twice!) and  Excalibur later speed read through what actually was happening while a match was going on -- all while Twitter was completely confused as to what was happening.

Then, we arrive at our main event topic: the AEW World title run of Hangman Page. What worked? What didn't? Did it accomplish its goals and what happens with Page now? 

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