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JNPO: Inside the demented evolution of Danhausen


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Image courtesy of Basil Mahmud

For hundreds of past and present indie wrestlers, there comes a point when they need to do something new with their character. Either it's become stale for the fans, themselves, or a combination of both. Bookings come less and less, motivation drops, and the reason they got into the business to begin with is hard to find.

For Donovan Danhausen, that came in 2018, roughly three years after he started in the business. Admittedly a generic, tattooed/bearded wrestler, he needed a spark for himself and his character. From there began the creation of Danhausen, a campy, fun, horror movie-esque character that blends a lot of pop culture threads together. 

Needless to say, but it worked. He finds himself in demand around the U.S., including dates with Ring of Honor. He and fellow indie sensation Warhorse are putting on Warhausen's WrestleVania during WrestleMania weekend in Tampa, and he's booked at a ton of shows through Mania week.

In this interview, you will learn about the evolution of the Danhausen character, the inspirations, working for ROH, his approach to Patreon, haunted houses, what fans can expect from WrestleVania, how quickly he can paint his face, and more. 

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