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JNPO: Inside Viceland's 'Dark Side Of The Ring'


Note: This is a free show, so just click below to listen.

With Viceland's new six-part wrestling documentary series 'Dark Side of The Ring' set to kick off this week, I wanted to know everything about it from the creation to the execution.

That's why I tracked down series co-creator and producer Evan Husney for a near hour-long conversation that will give you pretty much everything you want to know and then some. Among the avenues we went down:

- His background in film and where his pro wrestling fandom came from

- How the initial pitch for the series came to be

- How they pared down all of their ideas to six with descriptions and insights on all of them

- What it will take to make a second season

- Whether they ran into resistance with wrestlers talking to them or with footage they used

- My thoughts on the Bruiser Brody episode you can watch for free now

- Whether his view on wrestling documentaries changed after making this series...and a lot more. 

Just click below to listen and check out the debut this Wednesday night on Viceland, focusing on the Randy Savage and Elizabeth relationship.

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