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JNPO: John Pollock on CM Punk's UFC debut & grading the WWE brand split


On the eve of CM Punk's UFC debut, The Fight Network and Live Audio Wrestling superstar John Pollock drops by for an hour of power to talk UFC, WWE, and even a little TNA.

Host Josh Nason poked and prodded John's brains on the following:

- What John's been up to this summer amid an insane combat sports schedule

- His thoughts on CM Punk's fight week preparations and promotions thus far

- Have wrestling fans foresaken Punk or will they come out in droves to watch UFC 203?

- Thoughts on Mick Foley's Punk shoutout

- What he would have done differently with "The Evolution of Punk"

- A look at Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem and UFC's wild heavyweight division

- The overlooked Urijah Faber fight & the California Kid's future options based on the result

- His pre-watch thoughts on TNA's Delete or Decay

- Why John hopes "Broken" Matt Hardy never comes to TNA

- Grading the WWE brand split thus far & what he's liked/not liked

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