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JNPO: John Pollock on POST Wrestling's fifth anniversary

Ahead of their fifth anniversary event Saturday, the popular host talked about what he's learned and where POST hopes to go to next.
POST Wrestling

Nearly five years ago, John Pollock was a guest on Josh Nason's Punch-Out just days after he and Wai Ting's POST Wrestling launched. 

As he and Wai prepare for their fifth anniversary party on Saturday afternoon in Newark, New Jersey, prior to AEW Full Gear, I invited John back to talk about what the duo has learned over the past five years and where they hope to be in the next five.

We talked about how the company managed through the pandemic, their expansion of talent and doing different shows, and how his friend and business partner has grown through the process.

We also chat about his experience at Dynamite and Rampage in Toronto and details about Saturday's live event.

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