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JNPO: A look at today's indie wrestling scene


Image: SunnyD Photography / Limitless Wrestling

With so much of a shift this year in talents signing with WWE, Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, MLW, and other places, I wanted to get a sense of what it takes to run an indie wrestling organization given those challenges added on top of everything else.

Several weeks ago, I took in my first Limitless Wrestling show, a group that runs out of Maine -- a state of 1.3 million spread out people and not exactly known for being a hotbed of wrestling. Yet, the group is three years old and has brought in talent like Chris Hero, Zack Sabre Jr., LAX, Brody King, Jimmy Jacobs, Donovan Dijak, and others while mixing in emerging New England talent.

On this week's free Josh Nason's Punch-Out, I talked to Limitless owner Randy Carver about all that and more. Among the topics:

  • Balancing a card (and budget) with both local talent with bigger name talent and what he's learned about that process
  • The process of replacing those big names when they fall out due to injury and how he had to make three such changes for his last show
  • Why he's all in on intergender matches
  • Why he's optimistic for the year ahead even with the aforementioned talent signing craze

Check the first in what might be a series with indie promoters around the country at different stages of their promotion's run:

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