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JNPO: My UFC flame is burning out, AEW frustrations, drunk driving rant

Josh and Jonathan Snowden talk about why their UFC fandom is dying along with sharing some AEW frustrations.

This is about as close to a therapy session as you'll hear on Josh Nason's Punch-Out.

For the better part of two years, I have found my interest and love for the UFC (and MMA in general) dying out after falling in love with it back in 2005.

I learned last week someone else is having the same issue: MMA and wrestling writer/author Jonathan Snowden who did this fantastic column as he comes to grips with what is happening to his fandom which dates further back than mine does.

We talk about the ESPN era and comparisons to the WWE/NBCUniversal/Fox deals, the loss of transcendent crossover stars like the Lesnars, McGregors and Rouseys, the death of the fun fights, and why the influx of Dagestan/Chechnya/Russian fighters isn't as fun as when the Brazilians took over years ago.

We then wrap up talking about our shared frustrations about AEW today compared to three years ago and some new project Jonathan is working on including an unauthorized Dusty Rhodes biography.

Click below to listen and join us in our therapy session, followed by an unplanned solo rant about Jeff Hardy, drunk driving and Tony Khan's Busted Open appearance Wednesday.

  • 2:10: catching up, new projects (Dusty Rhodes book)
  • 14:00: UFC therapy session
  • 46:00 - 1:08: AEW frustrations
  • 1:09 - end: A rant on Jeff Hardy, Jey Uso & Tony Khan's Busted Open appearance

Click here to listen.