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JNPO: The newest media thorn in the UFC's side


A few months ago, longtime MMA journalist Jeremy Botter relaunched Whizzered, a paid subscription newsletter that aimed to be different than any other media outlet or website out there.

It didn't take long for it to gain the attention of many in the industry, including those in the UFC, some of whose employees are subscribers for pieces like this on the ESPN relationship or this one on how Greg Hardy brings out "peak" Dana White.

On this edition of the podcast, I talk to Jeremy about why he restarted it, his hopes and goals, his past relationship and dealings with White and White's current relationship with media, and why people should give this new venture a shot.

We also talk about what he watches for both MMA and pro wrestling these days, his book on Conor McGregor due out in 2020, his thoughts on the first month of the Athletic's MMA coverage, and more.

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