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JNPO: Pro wrestling year in review - August 2021 with Lance Storm


Image: AEW

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My first-ever pro wrestling year in review series on Josh Nason's Punch-Out continues with a look at August 2021, a month that saw CM Punk's return to pro wrestling, Brock Lesnar's return to WWE which was preceded by John Cena's return to WWE SummerSlam, big NXT cuts, and more.

Helping me out is first time guest, author, weekly Figure Four Daily guest, and former WWE, ECW and WCW star Lance Storm -- aka "The Calgary Comptroller."

A few of the topics we delve into:

  • CM Punk making his AEW debut appearance in front of a sold-out Chicago crowd -- a directly unadvertised appearance
  • Brock Lesnar returning at WWE SummerSlam moments after Universal Champion Roman Reigns defeated John Cena in the main event
  • The passing of Bobby Eaton and Lance's chance conversation he had with Eaton during a bus ride
  • NXT cutting Bronson Reed and a slew of other talents
  • Ric Flair getting released by WWE...and more.

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