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JNPO: Pro wrestling year in review - July 2021


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My first-ever pro wrestling year in review series on Josh Nason's Punch-Out continues with a look at July 2021, a month that saw a somewhat surprising big name cut from WWE, a major AEW tease for August as two free agents were thinking about making their over, "Big Game John" coming back to WWE and more.

Helping me out is returning guest, co-host of Wrestling Observer Live & Big Audio Nightmare on this site and the Mid-Atlantic Pod as part of Arcadian Vanguard: Mike Sempervive.

A few of the topics we delve into:

  • WWE releasing "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, someone that they never really got
  • AEW announcing "The First Dance" for Chicago amid rumors both CM Punk and Bryan Danielson were interesting in coming in
  • John Cena making his surprise return at the end of Money in the Bank to Michael Cole's delight
  • Japan, MLW, ROH, Impact, and more.

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