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JNPO: The return of Tough Talk's Oliver Copp


Years ago, there was a podcast on this here website that covered both MMA and pro wrestling and ran for 100 episodes before closing up shop in February 2014. It was called Tough Talk.

For the first time on my podcast, I welcome one of the co-hosts of that show for a wide-ranging conversation: the one and only Oliver Copp, a veteran of 25 years of broadcasting and media work for UFC, WWE, AEW, and more like the TNM Tournament Edition wrestling sim game.

In this hour-long chat, we talked about his time with the UFC and the transition from Zuffa to WME-IMG, his January 2019 departure, the changes he's seen in Dana White over the years, and Jorge Masvidal finding himself in Saturday's UFC 251 main event despite having financial disputes with White just last month.

We talked how he and co-host Mike Sawyer created Tough Talk, how it came to be on the website, and why it ended. (For those that are fans of Big Mike, he and I are working out a date for his debut in the next few weeks.)

From a novice standpoint, I asked about wrestling simulator, the TNM Tournament Edition, how someone can start playing if they are a newbie, and how current day wrestlers are getting ideas for their matches from it.

We wrap up with talking about his German broadcasting job filling in on AEW Dynamite and how it has reinvigorated his love of wrestling.

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