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JNPO:'s Justin Barrasso on WWE's big week, Ronda Rousey & ECW


With one of WWE's most important weeks upon us, Josh Nason's Punch-Out turns to the squared circle for its 45th episode, recruiting wrestling writer Justin Barrasso to help set the stage for what's ahead.

In their hour-long conversation, Josh & Justin went over the following and more:

- The WWE Draft & whether people's disappointment was a bit too much

- The positives of not bringing up Samoa Joe & Nakamura right now

- What WWE needs to do in order to get this brand split off right

- The fear of what WWE would do if Matt Hardy was to come back

- How he started writing for's Extra Mustard section

- The mess that is the UFC women's bantamweight division and what both guys would do next

- A few good minutes on Ronda Rousey brought on by talk about...The Sandman?!?

- The state of former ECW talent all these years later

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