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JNPO: Three things currently confusing me about pro wrestling


The world today is a very confusing place and that extends to the world of pro wrestling.

On this week's Josh Nason's Punch-Out, I wanted to explore a few things that are currently confounding me and to help me do that, I enlisted Rich Kraetsch from Voices of Wrestling, aka Dave Meltzer's favorite website these days.

The three main topics covered:

  • The current status of the AEW/Impact Wrestling angle and why it's falling short of expectations
  • Why fans shouldn't have been surprised that Edge's appearance on WWE NXT did nothing for their ratings
  • AEW's continued roster additions and at what point do they have too many people to both keep track of and keep happy

We also hit on the silence on the Hard to Kill pay-per-view number, whether AEW management can say 'no', and even our shared loved for the 1990's era Chicago White Sox and the legendary Frank Thomas.

Yep, it's all here and completely free. Just click below.

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