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JNPO: Understanding Nick Diaz and the UFC antitrust lawsuit


For the first time in several years, Bloody Elbow writer and 'Show Money' podcaster John Nash returns to the Josh Nason's Punch Out guest chair to talk about the bizarre Nick Diaz interview and what fans should understand about the current UFC antitrust lawsuit.

We open up talking about Diaz's interview with ESPN's Ariel Helwani and what exactly we were supposed to take away from it. We try to extract a few key talking points and whether we ever need to see him fight again. 

We then transition to the end of Gilbert Melendez's UFC run, how we graded his time there, and whether or not Bellator is a no-brainer for a return should he keep going.

We get into the meat of the conversation which is John's work at BE with the ongoing antitrust lawsuit. Along with Paul Gift, the two continue to dissect through court documents to make sense of the happenings, the inside details we never knew, and what's to come. If you've heard of the lawsuit but don't have the time or interest in digging in too deep through legal mumbo jumbo, this will be a great primer for you to help understand what the hell is going on and why it matters so much.

Finally, we pull a Seinfeld and ask, "What's the deal with DAZN?"

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