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JNPO: Vince McMahon, Stephanie & WWE's already wild Friday

Josh Nason talks about everything we know about the latest WWE developments with the McMahon family.

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It's been a wild Friday for both WWE and the McMahon family.

Ahead of today's Wrestling Observer Live where this topic will be expounded upon further, I provide everything we know thus far about today's big news that Vince McMahon has voluntarily (and temporarily?) stepped down as WWE CEO & Chairman.

I talk about the news itself, the twist that Stephanie McMahon is taking over in the interim, the further twist that Vince will remain on as head of creative, and the further twist that he will be on tonight's edition of SmackDown.

What do WWE's partners think? What does Wall Street think so far? What do you think?

I also speculate why one long rumored potential suitor to buy WWE is likely out, but not due to any of this news but their own issues.

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