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JNPO: Wrestling's top booking agent on the competitive free agency market


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On this week's AEW Full Gear-free edition of Josh Nason's Punch-Out, longtime pro wrestling executive and booking agent Bill Behrens makes his show debut.

With an influx of free agents due to both the latest WWE cuts and impending Ring of Honor releases, there is a slew of readily available talent but not as many spots available. We talk about how some of those wrestlers are going to have to navigate in this new reality.

Bill also gave insight on why a wrestler would seek representation, using two of his clients (Griff Garrison and Marcus Kross) as examples.

I also get Bill's thoughts on how much things have changed in the business in the last five+ years with WWE's big TV and streaming contracts and the emergence of AEW. Bill has some specific thoughts on how AEW is positioned that I found very interesting.

We also talk about Bill's background in pro wrestling and how he found his way into this sometimes (often times?) ridiculous business.

If you are into how the pro wrestling sausage is made, I think you'll really enjoy this edition of the show. Click below to listen.

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