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Josh Nason's Punch-Out: CBS Sports' Denny Burkholder on WWF '85, Andre, UFC 194


Photo: Memphis Wrestling History

The latest JNPO has landed with special guest Denny Burkholder of! Josh and Denny went for an hour discussing all kinds of interesting nuggets in the worlds of wrestling, MMA, and sports media in general.

A few highlights:

- How CBS has covered MMA in the past, and how Denny helped in that effort in the early days

- The method of pitching stories to the site, especially with pro wrestling

- How he became a lapsed MMA/UFC fan

- Whether the buzz for Saturday's UFC 194 has got him to click the 'buy' button

- The backstory of his oral history of WWF 1985, how he contacted the talent, and what he learned that he didn't know before

- His observations on Wendi Richter and Paul Orndorff

- Why Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper weren't part of the story

- What he didn't want to tell Don Muraco

- The backstory of his Andre The Giant feature and making it different than other Andre stories

- The bizarre story of the whereabouts of Andre's casket...and more!


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