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Josh Nason's Punch-Out: Boston Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont on his first UFC experience


Through the years, MMA fans have all cringed when mainstream sports writers get their first taste of the sport and then assail the sport in print. So when the Boston Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont got a break from his Boston Bruins beat for a night and headed to the TD Garden for UFC Fight Night last Sunday, it wouldn't have been a surprise if he had the same reaction many before him, including the Globe's Bob Ryan, had before.

However, Kevin survived his experience and is ready to tell the tale on the 30th edition of Josh Nason's Punch Out! This is a free edition of the show, so please link and share liberally.

In a 40-minute talk (link below), Josh and Kevin talked about:

- How he got the assignment to begin with

- The whereabouts of former Bruins goalie and UFC fan Tim Thomas

- His approach to the assignment

- His likes and dislikes at the event

- His thoughts on Dana White after interviewing him for 45 minutes

- The parallels of pro hockey players to MMA athletes and the two sports in general

- Whether he'd ever go back...and plenty more.

Take a look at Kevin's coverage here and here, and then click below to listen to the show:


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