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WOL: Braun Strowman heel turn, Becky Lynch, RD Reynolds and more!


Wrestling Observer Live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive is back today with tons to talk about including the Braun Strowman heel turn last night on Raw. After all of the build towards making Braun a babyface, why the sudden turn?

RD Reynolds joins us in the second segment. The WrestleCrap founder and co-author of The Death of WCW talks about the book, his upcoming Starrcast panel with Eric Bischoff and others, other panels this weekend and more.

There’s also news on WWE putting out videos with babyfaces backing Becky Lynch, more RAW fallout from last night, plus your phone calls and texts! A fun show as always so check it out~!

Start - 2:20: Intro
2:20 - 12:06: Braun turn, Raw from last night
12:06 - 23:32: RD Reynolds
23:32 - 37:19: Faces backing Becky Lynch, more calls and texts
37:19 - end: Closing moments

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