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WOL: Everything you ever wanted to know about Daniel Bryan getting cleared by WWE


Wrestling Observer Live with Bryan Alvarez, Mike Sempervive and Dave Meltzer is back today with tons to talk about including everything you ever wanted to know about Daniel Bryan getting cleared by WWE after a two-year journey, the backstory, what changed, how this could affect WrestleMania, whether he'll likely leave when his contract is up and so much more. A fun show as always so check it out~!

We start off with news that was literally broken just as the show went live that Daniel Bryan was cleared by WWE medical staff, including Joseph Maroon, to return to in ring action. Dave Meltzer joins the show to talk about when talk about him being cleared first started and the timeline that led to his clearance. Dave also gives an update on AJ Styles, who appeared to suffer an injury over the weekend.

After the break, Dave talks about Bryan’s chances of returning to the indies and other discussion on Daniel Bryan, how he was told his career was over for years, and how he repeatedly sought ways to return to action. Dave also talks about why this clearance probably wasn’t motivated by Bryan’s willingness to leave WWE if he wasn’t cleared.

The next segment had a bit more talk about Daniel Bryan before switching gears to Raw, where they had Brock Lesnar come out and destroy Roman Reigns. They also talk about Ronda Rousey’s video and untelevised appearance and the Ultimate Deletion.

Notes on the Greatest Royal Rumble being held in Saudi Arabia close out the show.


Start - 2:14: Intro

2:14 - 12:25: Dave Meltzer on Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles

12:25 - 23:26: More with Dave on Daniel Bryan

23:26 - 37:05: Raw discussion

37:05 - end: WWE in Saudi Arabia

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