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WOL: WWE's massive Smackdown TV deal and more!


Wrestling Observer Live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive is back today with tons to talk about.

The theme for today’s show is the newest report on WWE's potentially massive TV deals, this time for SmackDown. A new report says the show may be going to FOX, with WWE possibly generating over $2 billion over 5 years on TV alone. Dave Meltzer appears in the first segment talking the deal.

After the break, more on the deal and how this may affect the WWE Network, where the big matches will go, what this means for big shows, and if SmackDown could be cancelled by FOX.

The last segment has talk on the future of live events, the status of the brand split, what this means for talent and much more. A fun show as always so check it out~!


Start - 2:13: Intro

2:13 - 12:07: Dave Meltzer on SmackDown TV deal report

12:07 - 23:10: WWE Network events, big matches

23:10 - 36:56: Live events, brand split, talent

36:56 - end: Brock, closing moments

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