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WOR: How will WWE use Daniel Bryan?


Wrestling Observer Radio with Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer is back today with tons to talk about including more on Daniel Bryan's return to wrestling and speculation about how he will be used going forward, Smackdown, the New Japan Cup, Long Beach lineup for Sunday, Vince's XFL competition, mailbag and tons more! A fun show as always so check it out~!

We start off with talk on Daniel Bryan. The latest issue of the Wrestling Observer has a look at his journey to being cleared to return to in-ring action. There is also talk about the New Japan Cup and how Zack Sabre Jr. destroyed everyone in his path to become the winner.

Dave shares more thoughts on the New Japan Cup, including his favorite matches from the tournament. They also run down the Sakura Genesis and Strong Style Evolved cards.

Charlie Ebersol, son of Dick Ebersol and who also produced the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on the XFL, is starting his own football promotion just a month after Vince McMahon announced the XFL revival. Dave talks all the details.

Mailbag features questions on Daniel Bryan, including if he signed a new contract, if he’ll continue Hyperbaric treatments and what would keep him from leaving, Lord Layton, Braun Strowman’s tag team partner, the draft, a good number for WWE Raw on Fox, Neville, airing WrestleMania on broadcast television and more.


Start - 21:20: Daniel Bryan, Zack Sabre in the New Japan Cup

21:20 - 26:01: Smackdown

26:01 - 40:20: more New Japan Cup thoughts + weekend card rundown

40:20 - 44:34 : Charlie Ebersol

44:34 - end: Mailbag

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