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JNPO: Court Bauer on MLW Radio, Combate Americas & WWE cruisers

On the 51st edition of Josh Nason's Punch-Out, Josh is joined by friend of the site and budding combat sports media mogul Court Bauer!

***Note this is a free show. Listen and share often!***

Court & Josh talked for a packed 30 minutes on a variety of topics that included:

- The story behind the creation of MLW Radio and how talents like Ric Flair, Jim Cornette and more have come aboard

- The challenges in running a paid content audio site in today's increasingly free media environment

- How Court got hooked up with Combate Americas and his surprise at what former UFC higher-up was a neighbor

- The wrestling and MMA connection that has developed with the promotion

- Court's thoughts on the entire CM Punk/UFC package

- Thoughts on how WWE has done with Nakamura thus far

- The launch of the cruiserweights on WWE Raw

- Josh talks the top three fights for Saturday's UFC Fox Sports One show and the weight issues surrounding Cyborg Justino

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