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JNPO: Dave Doyle on the PWG BOLA experience

Friend of the show Dave Doyle of MMAFighting.com and Yahoo Sports returns to the Josh Nason's Punch-Out airwaves for a talk that ranges from pro wrestling to UFC.

The first 20 minutes or so focuses on this past weekend's UFC 215 card, my lack of enthusiasm going into the event, and the key talking points coming out of the show. Dave gives his thoughts on where the women's bantamweight division goes from here, and whether my Valentina Shevchenko boredom is misplaced. We also hit on corner stoppages or a lack thereof.

We then take a quick look at this weekend's UFC Pittsburgh show and the stakes for Luke Rockhold and David Branch in the night's main event.

Then, it's onto PWG's recent Battle of Los Angeles and Dave's attendance at night 3 which he called his favorite night of pro wrestling in 20 years. 

Give this a listen now or else face an uncertain future.

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