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JNPO: Inside the launch of The Athletic's MMA vertical

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Every since Whizzered broke the news that The Athletic was adding an MMA vertical, I was intrigued. Who would they hire? What type of approach would they take? What would it feel like?

Less than a week into it, we already have an idea, but I wanted to know a lot more.

On this edition of Josh Nason's Punch-Out, I talk to two of the inaugural staff -- managing editor Dann Stupp and staff writer Shaun Al-Shatti -- in two separate conversation to get a baseline of what brought them to this project and what readers can expect in the weeks ahead.

Among the topics covered:

- What did Dann learn in previous roles that he hopes to bring to The Athletic?
- What attracted him to this opportunity?
- Does he expect a friendly competition between the staff writers considering their previous roles at other media companies?
- Why did Shaun leave MMA Fighting for this opportunity and what scares him about it?
- How do they overcome challenges in getting MMA fans to pay for another form of content?

Get all that and more in this hour-long edition of JNPO. Just click below to listen:

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