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JNPO: Mike Sempervive's origin story & Twitter debate with Tom Lawlor

Josh Nason's Punch-Out hits its 50th episode milestone this week with a very special guest: Wrestling Observer Live co-host, Mid-Atlantic bureau chief, and man of the people Mike Sempervive!

This 90-minute super-sized Semp Limite edition of the show focuses on three main topics: Mike's past, the CM Punk pay controversy, and some pro wrestling:

- We learn about Mike's history with PW Torch, how he was in the podcast game early with some familiar names, the Puroresu Power Hour, and eventually, how he got to WOL

- Mike didn't always like MMA and was more of a boxing guy. Who helped him turn the tide?

- We discuss Mike and Tom Lawlor's recent Twitter conversations regarding CM Punk's UFC salary.

- We debate the pros and cons of how Punk got to UFC, and who's to blame in all scenarios

- We talk about what we'd do with Punk next and the tough UFC decision ahead

- We talk about how fans have always got what they wanted in their current WWE/NXT champions and whether that's enough.

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